Friday, May 27, 2016

Coming Soon! Steps to Adventure: Your Personal Guide to Living the Life of Your Dreams

Here's one more sneak peak of the guide and what it's all about before it comes out on Amazon next week!  (Blogger is currently now allowing me to format, and I'm over trying!)

Introduction: How to Use This Guide

Before you read anything else, let me tell you what “Steps to Adventure” is NOT. It is NOT a replacement for a licensed therapist.  It is NOT a guide on how to land your dream home, job, car, etc.  It is NOT a guide that will tell you how to pick up everything and move to the mountains of Colorado (though it may help- in the past 4 years that I’ve been working on this, I’ve moved from Northeast Ohio to Boulder, Colorado).  This is also not a guide that will teach you how to rock climb in Yosemite, kayak in Yellowstone, or climb Mount Everest.  Those are skills I have not yet acquired.  But please don’t let that deter you…

Now let me tell you what this guide IS.  This guide IS a tool, a map if you will, on how to live life as an adventure.  Its purpose is to help you live every day with a renewed sense of enthusiasm, no matter what mountain you find yourself before.  What is taken from this guide will undoubtedly be different for everyone.  While some may find themselves inspired to renew and revitalize the path they are currently on, others may decide it’s time to venture down a new path altogether.  And yes, some may just find themselves packing their bags and heading to the mountains.

When practicing the “Steps to Adventure”, please take your time.  If you need a month to focus on just one step, then take a month!  If one step doesn’t resonate with you, feel free to skip over it (just don’t lie to yourself!).  Pull in a friend to go on the journey with you, or do it solo. It’s your adventure, so it’s up to you.

Finally, have fun with this.  Enjoy the process.  Dig into it.  Get dirty.  You might dig up something you didn’t want to, but it’s all good.  Remember, trees aren’t perfect.  Their boughs can break and their trunks can lean sideways.  Similarly, mountains can present themselves to be rocky and jagged.  But we don’t judge them.  We find them beautiful, despite their abrasive surfaces. (Tree or mountain pose anyone?)

I wish you the best on your wonderful, daring adventure!


Steps to Adventure

· Choose to Live Life as an Adventure (Acknowledge and accept responsibility for your life.)

· Know Your Roots (Use your values and morals to guide decisions.)

· Follow Your Compass (Follow your passions and understand everyone’s path is unique.)

· Decide on a Destination (Figure out where you want to go. What is your purpose?  What will you do when you get there?)

· Pack the Right Gear (How much “stuff” do you really need? Are you carrying any extra baggage? Leave behind the negativity in your life.)

· Map Your Route (Have an action plan (goal set) to guide you to your destination)

· Learn from Getting Lost (Learn from you failures and mistakes. Reframe.)

· Make Hills into Opportunities (Have a positive perspective.)

· Enjoy the Journey (Explore your surrounding s and live in the present.)

· Inspire Others, Be the Change (Share your trail lessons and help others live life as an adventure too.)


• Believe in Yourself.