Sunday, January 30, 2011

"I Believe" Run 2010-11

I know people probably expected me to have a long blog a few weeks ago about the run.  I thought about it many times. I really did.  Two reasons why I didnt:  I didnt feel like sitting down and typing all the thoughts going through my mind, and I didn't really know what to say.

I still don't have much to say, or at least not much more that what Ive said about the run in the past, and the reason why we ran it.  I had to separate myself from the run part of the "I Believe" Campaign in order to deal with how I was feeling.  After 2 tumultuous days after crewing for Sandi in Steve's car, I snapped out of it, realized I was being (humanly) selfish, I was no less of a person, and made myself move on.  It was Sandi's run, and I should support her in effort to reach our goal.  Afterall, the run was never about my was about our goal...our goal to help others in need, and inspire others to believe in themselves, that they can defeat any negativity that surrounds them, and to believe in other people too. 

As we all know, it's really the journey that matters anyway, not so much the destination. For those of you who know me and my sister, we've had our own (mental) battles to work through.  I think how we have become so involved the well-being of others is really the important part. Anyway, so-what if I traveled more than half the distance by surely was not by choice (although admittidly, I was miserably in pain in Columbus and at that point knew I was done, slowing my sis down, and wanted to stop), but I still learned.

 I remember watching Sandi run, being tired and hurting, and I desperatley wanting to be in her Kinvaras.  Surely that pain was better than the mental abuse I was putting on myself. Yes...what I was putting on myself!  Why would I do that to me?!?! "I AM A GOOD PERSON", I told myself. " I know I am.  But right now, none of that matters.  What matters is Sandi running, and the people we are helping, just by having the courage to take on such a task."

Jeez...Im already writing more than I expected.   I'll cut it shor to the basics now.

We finished Sandi's last 20 miles yesterday (Jan 29).  We had a great group of kind, loving people with us.  (My Dad and Uncle were even there at the halfway mark, and my mom, older sister, and step-dad were at the finish!!!).  The whole campain, we had an amazing amount of support from more people than I can name.  Amazing.  There is a large group of Believers out there, and every day, just by our positive energy we take out into the world, we are making a difference.

Always Believe,


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