Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reflections of the Ocean (Thoughts on a Plane)

Reflections of the Ocean

First of all, this is not my race report.  That will be on mine and Steve’s blog:, which I believe he is currently working on.  This blog, however, is on my realizations and reflections. 

*I promised I would write more about what I learned in Africa and so on, but I really don’t feel like getting into all of it, and I think most of it is hidden in my other blogs.  There are simply two things I would like to touch on.  One, there is definitely something to about putting yourself in unfamiliar place or situation, and conquering it by yourself.  Basically, it’s just putting yourself out there and having an adventure.  I’m definitely not saying it has to be done on a grand scale, but I do think that going into unchartered territory alone can enhance your life.   It is not about finding yourself (your always you, aren’t you?), but learning more about yourself.  Learning is the key to growth.
Second, although this is one in the same, I definitely came home with a bug…but not the type of bug that I was worried about that would need to be dug out of my skin.  I have the travel bug.  I now have a yearning to go visit other countries, meet different people, and learn their cultures.  It is an unbelievable learning opportunity, and a beautiful journey.  It is worth buying a used car, the smaller house, the regular cable package.  Having nice things is good, but buying superfluously is often a wall to getting the most out of life.

Here is what I was able to reflect on in the waters of my destiny at Destin Beach:

Okay, that came out very over-the-top, but it sounded good in my head.

*On the flight down to Destin: 2/17/12
(With my dad and Steve, to meet Sandi for the race and 3-day vacation together)

I am watching Steve talking, again, to the passenger next to him, for the whole duration of the flight.  It amazes me.  Last week, it was an older gentleman.  Today, it was a younger man, just a freshman in high school.  He was able to relate to each one and took the opportunity to learn from them.  In doing so, he was also able to make the feel dignified (in who they are) and happy.  This is just a small example in a myriad (as I using that right?) of hundreds of others.  In a possible psychic experience, I had the strong feeling that he may not be at Kent for many more years, maybe two.  I believe he has a bit more to finish up there and a few more important engagements and interactions, but he has more to do at a higher scale.  I am now realizing that it is probably one of my roles to get him there.

*On the flight home, (de)parting from Sandi: 2/21/12

“I lied, Sandi could be my neighbor and I would be happy.”

(A few days earlier, me, Sandi, and Steve had been discussing Asheville, currently at the top of my list of destinations to move to.  Sandi said it was a place she was considering as well.  Me, in what I thought was standing up for myself, but was really a selfish act, told her I’d shoot her if she moved there.  I guess I just wanted to be first, after already seeing her living in a place I had previously dreamt of.)

To give you more of the scene:
Me, Steve, and my dad were about to get on our connection flight to Chicago.  Sandi had another few hours until her flight left for Colorado Springs.

Today, I realized how strong the bond between me and Sandi is.  Out of nowhere (at least to bystanders) we hugged, and instantaneously started crying.  As much as I tried, there was simply no holding back my tears.  I think my dad was looking back and forth between the two of us and didn’t know what to do. 

The cord connecting the two of us was again going to be stretched across thousands of miles.  The main difference this time was that we didn’t know when we were going to see each other again, and it could be a long time.  Plus, I feel our connection had grown stronger over the past few days. We (or at least I) became more aware of our differences and similarities, and accepted them.  Somehow in the last 6 months, I believe we started to look more alike again, especially when we wore similar clothing, which we did unplanned, and neither of us cared. 

I realized I may never be the runner she is, and that completely doesn’t matter.  In a team, each person (or in this case, twin) brings her own strengths and talents to the table, and running is one of her many (she also happens to be the “dreamer” and creative one).  We our finding our balance, and I am accepting my role.  Despite the fact that she lives too far, we still make a kick-ass team.

*Still on the flight home to Cleveland:
Reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” I realized that for so long I have been fighting for “independence”, or against “dependence”.  In reality, if I really want to become more evolved, I need to be working towards “interdependence”. To me, this means looking at things not as “me” but as “we”, understanding that while I can do many things on my own, I would be limiting myself and the world if I didn’t realize the importance of others and the greater effectiveness of working as a team.  The positive impact I can have on the world will be magnified with the help of others.  That if I let Steve and Sandi (specifically) help me, and I learn from them, I will be a better person.

(Part of what makes the world beautiful is its’ interdependence.  We just need to go back to the grounding principle of love.)

*”A thousand mile journey begins with the first step”; A 100 mile run begins with the first stride (or: not with the first stride, but the initial belief in oneself.  I guess it depends on how you understand the metaphor)

*Again, still on the flight home to Cleveland (Did I mention we had 3 connections?)

Steve often jokes that he is a strong man because I, his girlfriend, can beat him in an ultra.  I agree.  It does take a very strong and secure man to deal with that.  Even more, from the time we started dating, he knew he couldn’t be first.  Service to others would always be first (Now I know many people put God first, but to me, this is one in the same.  I believe God is everywhere, in all of us.  Therefore, by serving others, I am praising God.)  Plus, I am a twin, and we have a bond that cannot be broken.

The order of my top 3 may not always be the same at all times, or they may be equal and all tied for first.  But, in a way, it’s really all the same.

Until next time,

Rach J

(Actually, next time will be quite soon because he is anxious to get our blog out, which has diligently worked on the past two days.)

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  1. A university study was done not too long ago that showed people are happier and more fulfilled when they have experiences, rather than buying and owning "things".

    At a relatively young age, you've already leaned this Rach. :)