Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why I Endure

Why I Endure

By: Rachel Nypaver

                                         I endure for myself, because it helps me be better,

A better version of myself.

I endure for others, because when I’m a better me,

I’m also a better friend, daughter, sister, and companion.

I endure because I love to challenge myself,

To defy my own perceived limitations.

I endure because pain helps me grow,

It shows me I am tough, it makes me stronger.

I endure to inspire others,

So they can reach their potential too.

I endure to prove to all the doubters they’re wrong,

Especially to the negative voices in my own mind.

I endure for the next generation of youth,

So maybe they won’t have to go through all the dark periods that I did.

I endure for the strong women who came before me,

to thank them for the opportunities they have given me.

I endure for little girls,

so they realize that they are tougher than they might think.
                                           I endure because I love to see where my mind drifts,

 And to discover new things about myself.

I endure simply because I love to run, to be in nature,

And to see where my adventure takes me.

I endure because it is who I am.

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