Saturday, August 17, 2013

Leaving Half of My Heart in the Mountains

Leaving Half of My Heart in the Mountains

          Again, I feel as though I am leaving half of my heart in the mountains.  Not so much in the rocks and dirt that form them, or the wild flowers, evergreens, or aspens that grow from them.  Nor is it with the strong, untamed, but graceful animals that roam them, almost in secret, usually out of human’s sight.  It is not even the breath-taking views of untouched valleys, lakes, and streams that has my heart feeling like I leaving part of it behind as I board the plane and fly through the clouds back east.

          Instead, that missing piece is with the brown haired and pony-tailed girl who looks like me, whose spirit is as strong as a bears and has the drive of a sunflower reaching for the sun.  Her heart is big, and it is as vast and beautiful as the views from the summit.  She is running through those mountains that I miss, climbing and fighting her way to the top. 

          While I am missing that part of my heart, I know it is where it belongs.  There is no place I rather have it be, and no one else I would entrust it with.

As she told me before I left the San Juans “If you’re like me (of course I am) you’re feeling sad about leaving the San Juans, just remember you’ll be back, appreciate you were there and the memories you made.  And then, just focus on everything else that makes your life beautiful.  You still might feel sad, but hopefully that will help some. It’s a nice way to say see ya later.”

So, to my Mountain, “See ya later”.  As long as you keep reaching for your dreams, I know my heart will be safe.

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