Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Dream Room


          As some of you know Steve and I recently moved into a new house in Hudson.  One day before we made the move, I strategically entered into a conversation as Steve’s son was complaining that our bedroom was bigger than his.  In reply I said “You know it kind of stinks when you’re an adult.  You have to share a room.  At least you get to have your own.” 

[Okay, so that may have not been the nicest thing to stay with Steve next to me, but hey, that’s what happens when you buy a house without your live-in girlfriend ever even seeing it (whoops? Did I type that for everyone to see? Yes I did Steve.)  Anyway, I’ll move on and let the past be forgotten.]

As it turns out, there ended up being an extra room in the house, albeit about 1/3 the size of Steve’s office.  However, I need a small place to feel comfortable in, and it had a nice view of our wooded back yard.  I took it.

For some of you, you may be thinking that I shouldn’t need my own, separate room.  However, I know have of you completely understand.  Personally, I need time alone to recharge my batteries.  I need a safe place where I can unwind, gather my thoughts, and let positive vibes flow back in me.  Therefore, this room is NOT an office.  It is my Dream Room and a room for inspiration.  It is a place to dream, meditate, and grow.

I’ll let my pictures say the rest:

"This Dream Room is for positive energy and happy thoughts only.  Before entering, please take a deep breath and leave all negativity at the door"

I did the birds myself!  (I got the idea from a coffee shop in Telluride, CO) The mountain sticker was a Christmas present from Sandi.

The painting is from Sandi of course...I wanted to room to be sunset colors and the painting fit in perfectly!

The sticky notes on the door are mantras and self reminders. Ex."Act with Love"

The two tack boards are vision/dream boards.  One is more for things I want, the other
has more to do with how I want to feel (thought it has a list of chakras right now).


  1. Love it! The whole house should have been done in those colors! :)

  2. Hooray for the new house! It's nice to know that you've got enough rooms for all of you. I know Steve's son will understand why he has to stay in a smaller room. You just need to decorate it in a way that he wants so that he'll be comfortable there. Hehe! Anyway, I love this room! I'm sure you'll be using this often, especially when you have of crafts to finish. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Abdul Jackson @

  3. I agree with Abdul. One of the perks of having a wider space is having extra space for creating your crafts and of course having your own personal space. Oh well, who wouldn't love having a large room, right?

    Marjorie McKay

  4. Oh, I TOTALLY and ABSOLUTELY understand you needing your own room. I'm the same. It doesn't need to be big or whatever. Just enough space to put my yoga mat on the ground and for my rocking chair for reading. That's all I need for some me-time. :-)